How to Leverage the Livability Score for your Clients

In a recent blog post, we shared how Total Home Score can give you detailed neighborhood knowledge that allows you to impress your clients and build their confidence in your expertise. Now, let’s see how these scores work in practice.

Live in your Broker Portal: Livability Scores

Step 1: Start your search as you normally would, by setting filters on your client’s must-haves (price, bed/baths, etc.) and then using the List View or Map View to filter results



Step 2: After you’ve selected some units that may be a good fit for your client, click the green “SEE LIVABILITY SCORES” button.



Step 3: On this page, you can view livability details for all of the units you selected. “Factors” explain the top reasons points were deducted from a maximum score of 100. Clicking on a numbered pin (highlight this in screenshot) will bring you down the page to a dynamic map that shows you how your selected address compares to other buildings in the area.



The rest is simple! Use the information provided by the Livability Scores to help refine the final set of listings you share with your clients.

You can even let a client know if a listing has a particularly high (or low) Livability Score, as you think relevant. Either way, you’ll be better prepared to advise your client to help them make the best decision possible!

If you tried using Livability Scores in the past, we’re excited to announce that we now support multiple addresses, and have made other improvements to Livability Scores results page. Please give these updates a look and let us know what you think!

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