Get to Know your Neighborhood with Livability Scores

Wouldn’t it be great to know more about the daily living experience of the neighborhoods—and individual apartments—your clients are looking in? We’ve made it easier for real estate agents and their clients to learn about specific areas of their town or city. Say “Hello” to hyper-local livability scores!


Hyper-Local Livability Scoring

Rental Beast has partnered with the data innovators at Solaria Labs to give you an inside look at what daily life will be like for any address. By leveraging the Rental Beast platform, agents can offer essential livability data to any client pertaining to: Quietness, Road Safety, Traffic, and Errand & Entertainment amenities.

Quickly pulling data-driven insights on daily living allows you to deliver greater value and expertise to your clients. You can even email your clients livability information direct to their inbox from our platform!

How Can Address-Level Livability Scores Help You?

Livability scores can help you by:

  •         Showcasing your expertise to clients with “insider” knowledge of the market
  •         Being more efficient in researching homes that fit your client’s needs and accurately recommending the right units for them
  •         Understand the “true” value of the apartment, including neighborhood comparisons, for negotiations and pricing

An Example: Meet the Quiet Score

How important are noise levels to future renters and homebuyers? Pretty important. Scientific studies have shown that irritating noise-levels can lead to numerous health issues. In our first installment of the livability series, we are focusing on the Quiet Score and how agents can leverage it to better serve their clients.

Noise levels are one of the first things you think about when searching for an apartment. Major intersections, busy streets with retail stores and restaurants, airplane and helicopter traffic, and nearby businesses can all inhibit your living experience. The Quiet Score gives you the local insight you need to assess a home’s individual noise level. Through extensive data measurements, neighborhoods are assigned a score on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 indicating significant noticeable noise, and 100 indicating serene quietness.

If your client loves an apartment in a neighborhood which scores above 70, you can rest assured it will most likely be a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. However, if they’re interested in an area which scores between 40 and 69, there will be some noticeable noise, and areas which score below 40 likely have regularly noticeable noise (unless the building has taken measures to dampen outside sound—which would be a great selling point!)

Keeping your clients informed about the noise levels specific to the address or neighborhood they’re searching for could make or break your next deal. Give your clients the best service you can offer with Rental Beast.

Are you a real estate agent looking to build your sales pipeline, offer the best value to your clients, and make more money? Rental Beast can help!

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