Agent income is falling. What’s YOUR plan?

In a recent report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), agents and brokers did fewer deals and made less money last year. NAR’s 2018 Member Profile revealed that the median gross income for agents this year was $39,800 compared to $42,500 in 2016. This six percent drop is shocking, so what are agents going to do?

There’s a major shift in housing trends occuring. The homeownership rate is at its lowest in decades with over 110 million people renting today. Most agents can also spend months waiting for a sales transaction to close. This gives agents a unique opportunity to grow their real estate business by leveraging rentals. Rental Beast provides agents the perfect solution to supplement their income with rentals. Rental transactions process fast and we make it easy for agents to be successful.  

With Rental Beast, agents saw a 102% increase in GCI as compared to agents who were not using our platform. We give agents the tools they need to be successful with rentals and make more money.

Rental Beast Agent GCI

Whether you are an expert on rentals or need some refreshers,  We also offer a comprehensive education platform with Rental Beast University. This platform focuses on agent best practices and our most popular class, How to: Showings, produces real results. In fact, 70% of agents who take this class close a rental deal before the course is even finished!    

Rental Beast is now, more than ever, critical to an agent’s success. Supplementing income with rentals can help agents avoid the drop in the income trend. If you are an agent looking to buck this worrisome trend and make money, contact us today.  

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