Parking ticket hikes to fund transit work in Boston

As part of a new transportation strategy that is included in Mayor Walsh’s budget request, eleven of the city’s most complained-about parking violations may see fine increases this summer. Double parking violations would increase from $45 to $75, street cleaning violations would increase from $40 to $90, resident parking violations would increase from $40 to $60, and parking meter violations would increase from $25 to $40.


These changes are predicted to raise an extra $5 million to fund transportation initiatives. The city plans on spending the money on new dedicated bus lanes, dedicated spots for ride-hailing services, biker and pedestrian safety, signal improvements, and repaving roads. However, some businesses are worried that these changes will have a detrimental effect. Existing parking spaces would be used to create the bus lanes and spots for ride-hailing services and parking garage conversions often result in the loss of parking spaces (for example, the Government Center Garage conversion will end up with 1100 parking spaces, less than half of the original 2300).

The increase to parking fines and the spending initiative have yet to receive approval from the City Council. The president of the council, Andrea Campbell, says she would review the plan once she receives it. Councilor Michelle Wu has already pledged her support.

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