Why use a Real Estate Agent when renting an apartment?

1I only had one day in Philadelphia to find and lease an apartment that I would be living in for the next year. I’d be moving there in two months. The stress of finding the perfect place and submitting an application, all in less than 12 hours, was almost debilitating. I had been searching the usual rental sites but was having immense difficulties conversing with the listed landlords to get more info about the apartment. Actually scheduling showings? Almost impossible.

This is a nightmare that thousands of apartment hunters face every day. Finding, visiting, and submitting an application is extremely time-consuming and stressful when you don’t have a trained professional helping you. Thankfully, one of the dozens of prospective units I emailed that day was listed by a real estate agent. The agent took me under his wing and helped me sign a lease on a rental unit during that limited 12 hour window I was in Philadelphia.

In most cities, it is not commonplace for apartment hunters to enlist the help of a Real Estate Agent when finding a unit to rent, however, It is something all consumers should absolutely take advantage of. Real Estate agents are experts in the exact field many apartment hunters have little no experience in: real estate.


As Yahoo Finance explains, “ By enlisting the help of an agent, you get all the benefits available to a homebuyer: professional experience, local knowledge and an understanding of your budgetary constraints.” In addition, the tedious and often difficult legwork of sourcing and scheduling showings is done for you. It allows for apartment hunters to rest easy and rely on the agent to find the perfect property for them.


Depending on the city you’re looking to live in, you might not even need to pay for the agents services. In many cities the agent fee will be paid for by the landlord or property management company. In others, this is less prevalent and the agent compensation will be paid by the tenant. Regardless of the compensation structure, the agent’s service when renting an apartment are well worth the small fees.


Without connecting with an agent on my first trip down to Philadelphia, there is a great chance I would have signed a lease on an apartment I had not seen in person, or spent more money and time scheduling a trip back down.


Thankfully, Rental Beast makes it possible to find the perfect agent right from the get go. RentalBeast.com has partnerships with the best and biggest Real Estate Firms in the country, who employ top tier agents in their respective areas.


Don’t think twice when renting an apartment, use an agent.

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